Movie One Sheet

Over the last few weeks I have been involved in designing a few movie one sheets. There are probably quite a few of you saying ‘ooooh what’s that?’ and to be honest the first time I read it I had no idea what it was either!

A Movie One Sheet is basically a poster with a bit more information than just the title and release date. The majority of the time the whole point of the one sheet is for publicity and to try to find a backer(s) to either get your movie released or sometimes even made!

The first one sheet was for a movie, Traumatized, that is about to do the rounds at the New Zealand film festival. The movie is a psychological thriller about a lone surviver of a serial killing who is tortured by flashbacks of the ordeal.

I tried to convey the affect the flashbacks were having on the main character by using a cracking effect on the skin. The blood splatter and haunting reflection in the eye are from the horrific experience she has been through. I tried to keep the main film title as legible as possible while also adding to the overall broken and haunted feel of the film and poster.

The second movie was an action/adventure movie set in the Southern California desert. This movie had not been made yet and as such was a double sided one sheet and poster to drum up some interest and funding.

The movie is also being developed as a graphic novel so I was trying to get the look and feel of a graphic novel into the movie promotion. I chose to focus on the loneliness and isolation of the main character as in the movie he caught between law enforcement and outlaws. The purple sky was to symbolise the bloodshed.