Over the past few months myself and a couple of friends have been working on creating a clothing brand. We currently have 3 lines of screen printed t-shirts in a variety of colours & sizes. The name, ButterSideUp Clothing, had been flying around for a couple of years and our initial attempt had failed to get off the ground (we managed some rough logo designs and a few t-shirt concepts).

Now we have a bit of money, some expertise in the screen printing business and a new found creative hunger we are all guns blazing. We now have a fully working online store, small customer base, a few designs with some promo material and many more ‘ideas’ in the making.

As the graphic designer in the group I have been involved in the branding, creating and finalising of artwork and the online store.

*UPDATE* ButterSideUp has now been going (semi)officially for a year but unfortunately the bulk of our sales are still coming from other areas & not our website so we have decided to switch to a bigcartel shop for now.


New updates

So, I’ve been very quiet for a while but I am happy to announce a few bits of news and new work! I have been working on a few projects for friends recently ant two of these are complete!

The first is for a local Australian speed dating company recently setup in Adelaide, South Australia for your older singletons who have tried all the other sites around and just want something simple where they can meet like minded people. You can visit the site here Speed Date SA. I was involved in the initial branding, design and layout of site before handing it over to a local company to handle the updating and payments for the site. I am still involved in creating promotional material.

online dating website for over 40’s

The second project was for my dad. He has spent the last few years researching Glasgow’s past with tobacco and its relationship with the islands in the Caribbean. He had been receiving many requests from people for information on this and required a site to display his findings and allow other to view them easily. You can see his work here

local history website

I have a few other projects on the go and will update you on these soon…

A design a day for a week day 3

design a day 3

Day 3

So I’m now a day behind, who knew my social life would get in the way of anything! I will make it up by creating two designs in a day at the weekend.

This design took longer than I expected as I played around with a few ideas based on the lyrics from one of my favourite songs – Live in a hiding place by Idlewild. In the end I kinda gave up as most weren’t working, it was taking too long & went this quite simple but effective text creating text idea.